December 14, 2012

Alvin Chea (Take 6)

Bass Singer – Take 6 – 10 time Grammy award winner

The basement of Take 6 would be a good analogy.  He holds up the upper floors while creating space and depth underneath.  Cavernous would also work.   We are pleased to announce that Alvin Chea will be at the Mile High Vocal Jam.  He will be on hand to teach our bass singers, give you the inside scoop on being one of the best session singers in LA, and to judge the competition.  Look below at the enormous credits for TV and Cinema!!!  Along with Mark Kibble, he will be HANGING OUT to talk to you all!  If you listen closely to GLEE, you will hear Alvin every week!

Alvin was born in San Francisco, California, the first child of educator Amos Chea and classically trained pianist and social worker Joan (McLeod) Chea. It was here that Alvin’s spiritual and musical roots were formed. Between the time spent in his home church where his father served as Head Elder and mom as superintendent, the classic music introduced Joan exposed him to, and the emerging sounds of the time, Alvin learned to appreciate a wide variety of music.At an early age Alvin was mesmerized watching Black classical pianist Andre Watts play at the San Francisco Opera House and Davies Symphony Hall. During his own piano lessons a seven-year old Alvin would don his father’s pajama jacket, pretending it was a tuxedo jacket with tails, and mimic Andre Watts’ theatrical stride up to the piano. When he wasn’t imitating his idol, Alvin was frozen in front of the record player listening to Earth, Wind & Fire play over and over. Music was Alvin’s passion and as the years went on it also proved to be his purpose.In 1985 Alvin attended a small, conservative Seventh-day Adventist college in Huntsville, Alabama where he perused a Bachelor of Art degree in both English and Communications. Alvin always dreamed of being a musician, but was convinced he couldn’t make a living at it. And still, he spent a tremendous amount of time rehearsing in the music department. After Music Professor John Dennison chased Alvin off the practice pianos no less than nine times for playing “jazz chords,” he finally conceded and said: “Ya know, you should look into going into music. You’d be great at it.”Alvin graduated from Oakwood College (now Oakwood University) in 1989 as a double major in English and Communications. Having interned at WOCG for radio personalities Hallerin’ Hill and Don McPhaull, he had every intention of becoming a CBS anchor man. In fact, his personalized license plate said that very thing.

Chea’s credits include; A-Team, A Bug’s Life, A Thousand Words, Ally McBeal, Amazing Grace, Amistad, An All Dogs Christmas Carol, A.I., Angels In America, Around The World In 80 Days, Alpha And Omega, Arliss, Battle: Los Angeles, Behind Enemy Lines, Beowulf, Boston Legal, Big Momma’s House, Bruce Almighty, Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee, Brewster’s Place, Big Trouble, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Black Knight, Boycott, Big Fat Spy Wedding, Body Of Lies, Cats & Dogs 2, Cats Don’t Dance, Country Bears, Couples Therapy, Dinner For Schmucks, DeJa Vu, Dinosaur, Detroit 9000, Detroit Rock City, Dragonheart, Eldorado-City Of Gold, Enchanted, Evan Almighty, Fantastic Four 2, Family Guy, Girls Club, Glee, Godzilla, Glory Road, Hyperion, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, House On Haunted Hill, Horton Hears A Who, Happy Feet, Happy Feet 2, Haunted Mansion, Hav Plenty, Ice Age 2, Ice Age 3, I Am Legend, Jurassic Park, and more…