August 20, 2010

Tony Huerta

Photo from the CD Production Class

Tony Huerta started his career as a professional singer for Elitch Gardens in 1990 and founded his first A Cappella group with Matthew Selby (LA, CA) called “Exact Change”, which later became the popular vocal group, “m-pact”.

In 1998, Tony joined the groundbreaking A Cappella group “The 17th Avenue Allstars” and performed for ten years as the Vocal Percussionist, Arranger, Recording Producer, and Baritone/Tenor, performing in about 70-80 concerts per year across the United States.

Huerta founded the Sonic Audio recording studio in 1998. Since 2000, he has produced and/or engineered A Cappella CD Projects for Take 6, the Real Group, Afro Blue, Nota“The 17th Avenue Allstars”“Groove Society”,“Moosebutter”“Vocality Singers”“FACE”“DU Idiosingcrasies”“In the Stairwell”“Sound Of The Rockies”“Skyline Chorus”“Storm Front”, “NeXus”, “Ignition!”, “McPhly”“Mile 21″ and “In the Buff”.  He has received three major label CD credits on Take 6, The Standard (2008), as live sound engineer, and Take 6, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (2010), where he edited and gave consulting notes on the mixes.

In April 2006, Tony mixed his first live concert for the 10 Grammy winners, “Take 6″. He is now their exclusive touring sound engineer internationally. He now mixes FACESonos, and NoTa nationally, and m-pact internationally.

Currently, Huerta started a new Hip Hop A Cappella group called Urban Method which was a finalist on the 3rd season of the NBC Show, “The Sing Off”.

You can reach Tony Huerta at:

A Cappella Engineering for Live Performance and CD Production

No matter how tight, how in tune, or how exciting your group, there is always the possibility your performance will be ruined by a bad sound mix. The same goes for recording your songs and capturing your group dynamic. Tony will teach you some of the tips and tricks the pros use in making an a cappella concert sound the best. There is nothing worse than hearing a group live, buying their CD, and then being totally disappointed because of bad production. It doesn’t have to be that way. A Cappella is the most difficult form of music to record. All engineers in the studio business agree that the human voice is so dynamic, yet so inconsistent. Put several voices together and you have an incredible sound that is so human in nature. Tony will give you the knowledge to make your recordings accurately define the power and blend of your group.

A Cappella Engineering for Live Performance 1-on-1

Throughout the Vocal Jam, Tony will be working one on one with each group on a professional sound system. His 15 years of professional a cappella performance coupled with his knowledge of technical sound reproduction is invaluable to your group. He will cover microphone technique to enhance the voice right at the source, stage performance while utilizing the tools of sound and sub-woofers, bass reproduction and vocal percussion techniques, and group dynamics and blend through sound.  Each group in the Vocal Jam will get a sound check and master class from Tony in preparation for the competition Saturday night.  All groups, regardless of participation in the competition, will receive this master class.